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I saved this pool from fast demolition.

This outstanding Art Deco Lido swimming pool has just received UK Lottery funding and will be a major sports venue with a new fitness center for Ipswich and East Anglia bringing wealth to Ipswich and the surrounding area when it reopens in 2019 - 2020 with New Diving boards.

The view west along the length of the pool to the entrance.

The diving boards to be replaced and cafeteria updated.

Please click on the Art links below to view all the pictures of the pool.

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This pool was very badly managed by Ipswich Borough Council who own this pool in 1992 through to 1998.

Realizing that the pools was in a dangerous deteriorating condition I knew if the pool was closed that it would soon be demolished after closure. I wrote to IBC to send me photographs of the pool and inquired about original plans for the pool and would IBC send me any such information on the pool to try to preserve it.

IBC in their response were not helpful. I trespass climbed over the insecure perimeter fence early one morning to photograph every aspect of the pool, I own the copyright to the photographs that are displayed on this site art-1 to art-6 published above. I made further inquiries and discovered there was a chronological history for the pool in the Suffolk County Council Record Office. This office was very helpful and advised me to contact the C20 society. Please refer to the letters published below and the good news publication found Here .

The letters that saved the Broomhill pool.

A big thank you to the supporters for the reopening of the broomhill pool that support with vast amounts of time and energy in fund raising, admin, and meetings. There are many people that have contributed large sums of money to to cover large expenses in surveys of the broomhill pool and on going expenses, I thank you. This domain will be donated to or the pool operator if the pool opens again for public use.

The author was in communication with the Sports Council and many other organizations including the C20 ( 20th Century Society ), between 1998 and 1999. This C20 society gets preservation orders on outstanding 20th Century Architecture that in refurbishment is not only outstanding, but also such property: when refurbished, to provide a useful purpose.

A grade2 preservation order was obtained after my support, sending photographs and drawings for the Broomhill pool to the C20 society. The preservation order was granted by The Department Of Culture Media And Sport on the 24 August 2001. I received a letter from the C20 society thanking me for all my help regarding research and information that allowed them to get this grade2 listing. The thank you letter was received from Eva Branscome 18 February 2002 with a copy of the listing. A copy of the letter from Eva Branscombe is published at the bottom of this page.

The Twentieth Century Society.

The letters.

     letter 1.

     34 BISHOPS HILL            
     IPSWICH SUFFOLK            
     IP3 8EN.

     TEL O1473 423166
     FAX 01473 423868

     DATED 12 07 99
     REF C:\99\9923.TXT

     77 COWCROSS ST.
     EC1M 6EJ

     Dear Ms. Edwards,

     Thank you for your letter stating  your concern at the lack of
     response from the Ipswich Borough Council in respect  of  your
     representations made to IBC stating your interest in obtaining
     listed building consent for  the local  well  supported  Broom
     Hill Swimming Pool.

     IBC have been trying  to close  the Broom  Hill Pool for about
     Fifteen years, If it where not for a well published  rewarding
     for local people  campaign  ran by the  Ipswich  Evening  Star
     Newspaper  last year to keep the Broom Hill pool  open, I feel
     this  precious lido would  now be a  local building developers
     good fortune.

     I  enclose as  much newspaper  material as  I can to help you.
     If  you approach the Evening Star I feel sure that  they  will
     help you as much as they can to keep this much loved well used
     local asset.

     Good Luck with your honourable credit worthy cause, I am,


            TONY JOHNS

     I enclose some newspaper  cutting's  that may be of use to you.
     The Evening Star Newspaper can be contacted at 30  lower Brook
     St. Ipswich Suffolk.

     The pool was built in the early 1930,s   The pool is very
     unusual, hearsay, in that it is metric 50 metres by 25 metres,
     built for European competition.  If this  is so,  possibly the
     only lido in  the  country built as such.  If the Evening star
     cannot provide good photographs depicting architecture, please
     communicate with me and I will try to get these for you.

     letter 2.

     34 BISHOPS HILL            
     IPSWICH SUFFOLK            
     IP3 8EN.

     TEL O1473 423166
     FAX 01473 423868

     DATED 18 10 99
     REF C:\99\9936.TXT

     77 COWCROSS ST.
     EC1M 6EJ

     TEL 0171 2503857

     Dear Carolyne,

     Thank  you  for your  request for photographs of the Broom Hill
     swimming pool in Ipswich Suffolk. The architecture's best aspect
     features are from the inside of  the  pool.  Outside  is either
     woodland or built up covered. The photographs presented reflect

     As  highlighted  in  previous  correspondence  the pool is most
     unusual,  built  in  the  nineteen  thirties  with  metric tank
     dimensions,  possibly  the only lido  pool  in the country with
     this feature.

     I enclose a not to scale plan, plan view,  of  the pool I  hope
     that this will be useful to your committee.  The  arrows on the
     plan indicate concrete walk ways.  The  broken lines around the
     pools  water  tanks  areas  are  three foot steel fencing.  The
     broken lines  around the  exterior of the  drawing is  six foot
     steel mesh fencing. The exterior solid lines are walls.

     I hope  that the photographs and plans that I have prepared for
     your organisation are useful to you,  wishing you every success
     with the listed building control.


            TONY JOHNS

     letter 3.

     34 BISHOPS HILL            
     IPSWICH SUFFOLK            
     IP3 8EN.

     TEL O1473 423166
     FAX 01473 423868

     DATED 23 10 99

     REF C:\99\9938.txt

     EC1M 6EJ

     TEL 0171 2503857



     Dear Mr. Senior,

     Thank you for your telephone call Friday 22nd, enquiring as to who
     the architects  were for the Broom Hill Swimming Pool in Ipswich.
     I telephoned  Ipswich Borough Council the proprietors of the pool,
     their planning dept. To old I was told, pool to old,  no records.

     I went to the Suffolk  County Council  local records  office today
     to research this,  they where very helpful.  The architect for the
     Broom  Hill  pool  was a  Mr. Birkin Hayward.  Birkin  also helped
     to compile and edit for  the  Suffolk County council  a dictionary
     of architects work 1800 - 1914.

     This  pictorial and  text publication was printed and published by
     Suffolk  County Council, Rope Walk Ipswich. Birkin could have been
     connected with the firm of Brown Hayward Kindred.

     I Hope that this information is of use to you. I am


            TONY JOHNS

     letter 4.

     C20 SOCIETY
     ECIM 6EJ

     IP3 8EN

     18TH FEBRUARY 2002.

     Dear Mr. Johns.

     Broomhill pool, Sherrington Road, Ipswich. Suffolk.

     The Twentieth Century Society is happy to announce the listing of
     the Broomhill pool at Grade 11 through the DCMS on 24 August 2001.
     Thank you for all your help regarding research and information. I
     have enclosed a copy of the listing details for your reference.
     The society depends on active members such as you as a source for
     crucial information regarding threatened buildings of our period.

     I am also enclosing some membership information for you and the
     other interested residents you may know. Although we receive a
     small grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to enable us to
     continue our work, we are also heavily reliant on membership

     You may also like to know more about our history and activities:

     The Twentieth Century Society was founded in 1979 as the Thirties
     Society to protect British architecture and design after 1914.
     As a National Amenity Society, our conservation activity ranges
     through all types of building from telephone boxes and open air
     swimming pools to factories and banks and, of course domestic

     It includes buildings of quality in all the styles current since
     1914 - Classical, Neo-georgian, Neo-Tudor, Art Deco, and modern.
     Our advice is sought by local planning authorities, English
     Heritage and the Department Of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).
     The Society also answers enquiries from teachers, students and
     members of the public.

     From it's earliest years the society anticipated the need to
     protect buildings from after 1945, and it's campaign for official
     recognition of their historical importance led, for example, to
     the listing of the Royal Festival Hall and Coventry Cathedral.

     Many events are organised for members including visits, lectures,
     conferences and foreign tours. A sample copy of Previous Events
     programme is attached, together with a Membership Form. Further
     information can be found on our web site at

     Once again I would like to thank you for contacting us. It is
     often through interested members of the public that we are
     notified of such matters. I hope the above information is
     informative and look forward to welcoming you as a member of
     the 20th Century Society.

     Please Stay in touch.

     Kind regards,

     Eva Branscome.

     Casework officer.